Gear Up Your Business Efficiency with A Repository of Zoho Extensions

Streamline your workflow with end-to-end solutions using the most sophisticated and concrete problem-solving Zoho extensions, designed and developed exclusively for Zoho users like you. From automation to Zoho CRM integration or SMS integration to payment & accounting incorporation, our extensions will cater to your enterprise for the highest operational efficiency with maximum productivity by aiding a seamless integration.

Objective & Using

We build, design and develop all the essential and requisite add on plugins for Zoho CRM. These extensions are formed with a thought-in-mind to help the existing Zoho CRM users spontaneously manage their workflow by integrating it with Zoho’s own applications or the other third-party apps, such as Google’s G Suite, WordPress, Microsoft’s Office 365, etc.

Zoho CRM is the cornerstone of all your business’s sales, marketing, and communication activities, ensuring your sales pipeline’s smooth and swift organisation. The main motto of using the Zoho CRM is to bring in the highest return on investment (ROI) by successfully maximising the lead conversion to deals through a proper strategy and operational efficiency. If your strategy doesn’t fit in, it will hit hard by scattering silos all over your CRM.

For that, your business process heavily relies on third-party apps or other Zoho applications to sync your contacts, maintain the connections with the contacts through SMS, incorporate your accounting information directly within the CRM, etc.

Thus, our vision is to make the extensions for you so that you don’t have to make them. The reasoning is to automate your Zoho CRM with our extensions to aid your business process by incorporating it with your day-to-day used software and apps to deal with a large client base. Through this automation, things like extracting & analysing the data, generating reports, handling the projects and maintaining effective communication get easier under one unified system.

  • We do the heavy lifting for you by developing all these state-of-the-art plugins so that you don’t need to create any

  • Our extensions are fully dedicated to the Zoho ecosystem, including Zoho CRM & other Zoho third-party apps

  • These extensions are built upon a concept from the real-life scenario and needs that regular CRM users encounter

  • The interface, widgets & settings are made user-friendly, requiring no prior technical knowledge

  • All our extensions automate your everyday activities within the CRM, either creating a project inside the Zoho CRM instead of going to Zoho Project or storing the customer data into Drive from CRM or synchronising the contacts of CRM with other platforms, etc.

  • For each extension, we have separate pages containing the detailing of the feature of the extension or video tutorial for more insight about the installation and how to use them

  • Get support from us related to any issues through virtual assistance or direct chat with our customer support.

  • Access to our knowledge-based portal to get any instant help regards to the use of the plugins

  • You don’t need to purchase upfront to try out any of our extensions for Zoho integrations. Just use them for a 15-day free trial to know more about it and then pay

  • Our extensions are enriched with more advanced features than that of other contemporary competitors of Zoho

  • Our 13 long years of partnership with Zoho has made us understand Zoho’s strategy, needs, and capacity

Our State-of-the-Art Extensions


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Very Knowledgeable response. Thanks to the team for staying up so late to support me

Roger Rayner

Thank you Burst SMS team they have helped me to locate the issue and rectify it after spending a great amount of time on the phone.

Burst SMS team have taken the time to write a code to change standard mobile numbers to international numbers, otherwise, it would have taken us a very long time to change over 1,200 clients’ numbers


The support team is quite helpful. We had some issues in understanding the process and the support team did their best to make us understand the whole functionality

Zoho Team

About Us

About Us - SaasPlugin

SaasPlugin is a recently-emerged contemporary IT firm founded in 2009 to serve the Zoho Marketplace with its varying and robust Zoho extensions. With these top-notch extensions that we create, design, code, and develop, we provide the most holistic IT solutions across diverse platforms for businesses of all sizes to enhance their productivity, boost the operational flow and maximise the return-on-investment (ROI).

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