ClickSend and Zoho CRM: A Pair that Rocks in SMS Marketing

They say SMS marketing sucks. But the statistics say otherwise— with a 36% CTR, text marketing is much more alive and thriving.

While general messages have an almost 98% open rate, SMS marketing stops at 82%. Seemingly downgraded, it is not. In fact, it is the most successful prospecting strategy in terms of reaching out to customers and making a deal.

However, you are entitled to yield the bounty only when you have the right SMS communication tool. In this competitive modern era of business, effective communication with the customers is the key to achieving excellence. And to do that, successful brands use sophisticated messaging solutions, i.e. ClickSend.

But a well-organised business demands more than just effective communication. Customer retention followed by a streamlined business process makes the journey more promising. This is where CRM solutions like Zoho come in handy.

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What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is an advanced yet easy-to-use cloud Customer Relationship Management solution with a repository of high-end marketing, sales, and customer support tools. Designed to fit into any hybrid business model, Zoho CRM helps maintain top-notch business relationships with vendors and contacts.

As Zoho is entirely cloud-based, businesses have the opportunity to access the database even on the go. Besides, easy access to customers’ data makes it easier for the field agents to stay updated with the latest status and retain them accordingly.

However, Zoho CRM has many customisable features except for a sophisticated text messaging system. Therefore, marketers depend on third-party SMS marketing tools like ClickSend to send bulk messages at affordable prices.

While Zoho CRM stakes clients’ information, ClickSend utilises them to reach out to the customers with offers, discounts and updates. Backed by advanced customisable features, you can tweak any messages before sending them to the customers.

Let’s see what to expect from this pair.

How Can You Use Zoho CRM and ClickSend SMS?

send sms

On average, people check their mobile phones 344 times a day. So, it’s very unlikely to skip your message if you can do it right. But, your job is not done once you send texts to the customers.

Instead, it initiates a long process that eventually lands on the right deals.

From nurturing prospects, responding to queries, following up the leads, signing any necessary contracts, and thanking customers for cooperation, it goes a long way before you can call it a success.

Here’s a breakdown of where you can use this inseparable pair for SMS marketing—

  • Lead Nurturing:

For lead nurturing purposes, Zoho CRM is already a famous face. You can acquire more leads online by 

 leveraging the contact form and state-of-art business card scanner. This will import lead information directly into the CRM database, helping you go through them in a click.

Besides, the dedicated Lead Module is there for you to gather data and work on the go. Simply take the information out, put it in the ClickSend and send personalised SMS when you are ready. But how do you determine if that lead is good enough?

Zoho’s built-in lead scoring features are followed by native analytics, thought to improve lead conversion by 79%. These tools will help you gather more information about the lead and determine if it’s a

quality one. When you have the right leads and contacts, schedule your SMS marketing plan in ClickSend. This will help you craft the campaign more effectively without rushing yourself at the last hour. 

  • Sales Management:

Zoho CRM and ClickSend have two different approaches to sales management. Acquiring leads, sorting out information, researching more into prospecting opportunities and keeping them organised is how Zoho CRM can contribute to an active campaign. On the other hand, utilising the gathered information, sending and receiving SMS messages and allowing ease of use defines ClickSend. If you use them as a pair, the potential is endless. To some extent, they are dependent on each other for successful SMS marketing campaigns.

For example, if you are using ClickSend alone, you need to input information and double-check them before sending it out manually. Similarly, using Zoho CRM alone doesn’t allow you to send SMS messages

So, suppose you are not using any SMS marketing strategy for your business and relying on other communication methods like email and such. In that case, you are certainly not leveraging your available data to its full potential.

  • Handling Operations:

Sometimes businesses had to go the extra mile to secure a deal. In some cases, companies need to do some paperwork before joining hands with the vendors. The process may involve signing contracts or similar things. But forwarding and receiving documents introduce hassles brands don’t want to go through. Therefore, they prefer online media to complete the process and stay on track without wasting valuable time.

Zoho CRM has the facility to conduct such operations without making physical contact. As Zoho has many customisable features, you can simply modify any of the tools or use any integration to make your job easier.

Whether signing a contract and notifying stakeholders about it or keeping everyone on the same page while the process continues, Zoho CRM and ClickSend can reduce your keystrokes and make it more efficient.

  • Post-marketing Activities:

You may think you have done enough, from nurturing the leads to making sales and handling necessary processes. But honestly, there are long ways to go if you want that deal to sustain.

Interestingly, you can do it using the pair of Zoho CRM and ClickSend SMS. Capitalise on the tools to ace the mobile marketing game, starting with a thanking message for the purchase made to notify the customers about the awaited delivery.

So, what’s next— get started!

The pair of Zoho CRM and ClickSend is too good to ignore in SMS marketing. But how do you get started with them?

If you are not aware, getting started with ClickSend is as easy as making a cup of tea. Also, you pay nothing extra than used. The price per text message is very affordable, and you have the liberty to pay as you go or monthly.

Signing up with Zoho is also as easy as it can get. You are one click away from streamlining your business process and winning more deals at an affordable price.

All the flexibility to make your business stand out right from this moment.

What If You Could Use Zoho CRM and ClickSend Together?

Toggling between Zoho CRM and ClickSend to import and export data is troublesome. It kills valuable time and makes the process inefficient as well. Therefore, a supporting integration that allows you to use ClickSend right from the Zoho CRM dashboard will reduce hassles and boost productivity. So, if you are looking for efficiency while using both of the platforms, ClickSend to Zoho CRM plugin is your way to go.

In a few taps, you can use all the text messaging features ClickSend offers and leverage data from Zoho CRM to attain excellence in SMS marketing.

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