How to Manage Passwords Safely Using Zoho Vault to Zoho CRM Integration?

How to Manage Passwords Safely Using Zoho Vault to Zoho CRM Integration?

Nowadays, CRM is much more than a project management tool. Zoho is one such powerful CRM solution. CRM like Zoho can accelerate your operational workflow as soon as the deal is won, making your business’s workflow & process adaptable. The most common goal of these CRM-operating businesses, such as consulting agencies, is to onboard the clients.

Part of the onboarding process solely comprises getting access to the client’s system, social media account, website, etc. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain privacy at any cost to avoid hackers and scammers. Zoho Vault to Zoho CRM integration is ideal for managing clients’ secretive information in just a few clicks.

How are Clients Grappling with Sharing their Personal Information?

It becomes your responsibility to ensure the safety of your customers’ information once they hand it over to you. Clients on the verge of discovering their information, like passwords exposed to vulnerability, will never prolong their partnership with you.

Unfortunately, that’s what the case is in today’s time. Suppose you are an agency owner using any CRM tools like Zoho. In that case, you must take the data protection act seriously, especially if your CRM software is in charge of maintaining social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, or other data-handling protocols.

You often assume that all the CRMs are compatible with the data protection mechanism. But you are wrong. They could have the system integrated to defy the theft to a certain extent, but still, there are high chances that if your secure information is carried through one of the following—

  • Email or Gmail
  • Google Doc or Google Form (Form is typically used to take your credentials most of the time)
  • Any other social media

You are about to compromise your CRM’s protectability, and we bet your clients will end up with sheer disappointment. As an alternative, Zoho Vault to Zoho CRM integration should be your choice.

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What Could be the Consequences of Poor Data Act Mismanagement?

Data is the most critical asset in this century. You lose data; you lose everything. And you can already assume how troublesome it would be if the data is of your clients’. Let’s see what troubles you are going to dip into for poor data management—

  • You are paving the way for hackers to steal your clients’ most valuable information like passwords, account detail, bank detail, or address.
  • Clients could face a substantial threat due to their address being found and traced.
  • Hackers could steal lump sum money from the client’s business or personal bank account, leading to financial stress.
  • Information leaked from social media could tarnish the client’s image within the community or lead to a sue or case (if that violates the police’s or government’s interest).
  • The clients will soon begin to mistrust you or even opt-out of your deal.
  • Your reputation can diminish within your industry that will bring no further clients in the future.

But don’t worry as long as you have the most secure way to share passwords with clients. With a robust encrypting and decrypting system, the Zoho Vault extension is ready to give you peace of mind every time your customers share secretive information with you.

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How Does Zoho Vault to Zoho CRM Integration Help Stay Secure?

This Zoho Vault 2 Zoho CRM extension is superbly made. It uses a double-authentication process keeping the decryption process more secure. With its easy interface and relatively straightforward design, you can access the Vault database without compromising security. And not only you can reveal the password, but everything the client shares with you. And you can leverage its way of organising the password of specific individuals in the database. 

Let’s look into the whole process to understand better how this plugin lets you obtain passwords from your clients without the risks of a data breach. 

  • Upon integration & installation, you will see an option called “Request Vault Password” added to your Zoho CRM.
  • Clicking on it will send an automated OTP to your clients’ mobile and an email containing the link. 
  • Once the client submits the password, it will send an email to notify you that the secret has been shared.
  • Request a new link option to allow the client to reinstate the process again if the OTP wasn’t sent, or the process didn’t go accordingly. 
  • Ability to share secret notes or even a file containing a lot of sensitive information.
  • Once the client exceeds the limit of the maximum store of 5 secrets, they can use the “Add another Secret” button.

Now, isn’t that innovative? Of course, it is— in fact, this way, the customers are placing passwords and other secretive documents by themselves right at their preferred spot. So, there is no risk of getting hacked or exposed to a third party.

Final Thoughts

You may have intrigued yourself when you first encountered a case like Facebook Cambridge-analytical. Due to Facebook’s mismanagement, 85 million Facebook users had been affected as their data had gone into the hands of rogue political data analytics. God forbid— that shouldn’t include your company. But how many more companies could you have avoided if that list included the name of the companies like Google, British Airways, H&M, and many more. Hence, adopting a secure way to exchange secretive information is crucial. Zoho Vault integration is just perfect for such purposes.