ABN Extension for Zoho CRM

Verify any Australian business & import available data to your Zoho CRM from ABN Lookup in just a few clicks.

Validating business data is crucial before you seal any deal. The same data is also necessary to prepare invoices and other documents. With that in mind, we have developed ABN lookup Zoho CRM integration. It brings all available data from the portal to the CRM, helping you to utilise, cross-check, and verify ACN details instantly in just a few clicks— without leaving your Zoho CRM!


Why is ABN Number Extension Great for Business?

Partnerships with valid businesses always bring prosperity. Sometimes, lucrative offers may lure you into signing the deal without verifying the company if you are too busy with other tasks and have little to no time to cross-check it from ABN Lookup.

Here comes our ABN to CRM extension. You can get all available information for any businesses registered in Australia with just one click. You don’t even have to switch to another website or portal to get the info. Instead, it will be displayed right in your Zoho CRM dashboard. So, you can keep working uninterrupted.

Again, you will need the same information when preparing invoices. Our ABN extension for Zoho CRM will allow you to import ABN and ACN data automatically. You can input the data to their relevant field without typing manually with a few clicks. As a whole, this extension is dedicated to making your business process more effective and more efficient. As modern businesses seek efficiencies and security, there is no reason you cannot like our ABN lookup to Zoho CRM extension.

It’s free for 10 days. Why don’t you get it today!

Features of Our ABN Lookup Zoho CRM Extension

Our Australian business verification and invoicing assistant extension is loaded with valuable features. While it streamlines the business process, a part of it ensures sophistication at every level. When integrated with your Zoho CRM and set for Accounts or Vendor module, you will enjoy features including —

Easy Verification

Easy verification of business data with just one click

Quick Access

Quick access to ABN Lookup where you will find authentic business information

Look up ACN

Look up ACN details and use identified data hassle-free

Import Information

Import information automatically without leaving Zoho CRM

Reduce Risk

Reduce the risks of making mistakes by typing manually

No Complex Information

Easy-to-use interface design and cost-effective

How to Use ABN Extension for Zoho CRM?

How to use ABN Extension

We have designed the extension to put you at ease during your usage. From installing it to importing your first business data, it is as simple as making a cup of coffee.

  • Once installed, click on the three dots on the top-right menu bar. Select ‘ABN Settings’ button.
  • Set the time format according to your CRM settings.

  • Put tick marks on the boxes you want to synchronise with the CRM with necessary vendor/account information. Save the input.

  • Now, the Sync 2 ABN widget will let you search for what you are looking for.
  • Once you get your data in the widget, click the ‘Sync Data’ button to save it.

Please head over to our Knowledge Base or contact our support team for a better understanding.

Why Should you consider SaasPlugin

Why Should You Consider SaasPlugin?

SaasPlugin is a hub for state-of-art plugins for Zoho products and services. With a team of seasoned coders, we bring the best solution to startups, SMEs, and large corporations that automate the business process and boost productivity.

  • We are Zoho certified plugin developers and already have many Zoho plugins in the marketplace.
  • SaasPlugin is Zoho’s Advanced Partner. So, we are among the recommended ones when it comes to quality and reliability.
  • Our Zoho CRM to ABN Lookup extension is the first of its kind that verifies Australian business data right from the Zoho CRM.

  • Our products are affordable and come with instant support from a team of world-class customer relations executives.






Stop wasting time navigating between ABN Lookup and your Zoho CRM to prepare invoices and verify a business. Install our plugin today to do it in just a few clicks!

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