Zoho CRM to Burst SMS Integration

Make Your Communication Two Steps Advanced by Establishing an Automated Connection between Your Business and Clientele.

Modern and digitalised businesses rely heavily on swift and automated communication. Through this, your business can adapt the most ad-hoc communicative strategy to reach out to mass clients by sending and receiving SMS regarding any marketing and supporting communication. Zoho CRM to Burst SMS is one such quintessential communicative extension. Its customisable template settings with an instant tracking ability of the messaging history give you a fully-fledged personalised experience.

CRM 2 Burst sms

What is the Zoho CRM to Burst SMS extension?

The financial backbone of your business will grow bigger when you maintain your communication with the clients oftentimes. Sending the SMS to your customers with all the latest updates of your businesses like new product arrivals, new service launching, promotional offers, delivery status – are all of the few master techniques you can use to entice your customers.

This is where the Zoho CRM to Burst SMS extension comes to play. Using it, you can communicate effectively with your clients and receive their queries or support-related follow-up with just a few clicks. The instant tracking interface enables both you and your clients to access the previously made chats so that the conversation does not need to begin from the root level. This helps you and them to save precious time and establish a quicker response to any problems.

You can set the event reminder within the SMS to inform the customers of any upcoming webinar or product launching or service upgrade, etc. This doesn’t mean that you have to send messages to individuals every time, but rather with the grace of this Zoho CRM integration with Burst SMS, you can send it to a single client to up to 100 clients in bulk. Therefore, reaching a mass customer base requires just a snap of the finger; that’s it.

With the custom messaging option with custom template options, you can preset which templates to choose for specific clients. It drives more retention and customer acquisition as it develops professionalism. Not only that, the field merging option can save your time by prepopulating the necessary options within your written text, such as how you like to be addressed and what you want to address your users as, etc. And these are all happening under the shade of Zoho CRM.

What Benefits to be Expected from This Burst SMS Integration?

  • Send SMS from any modules like Contacts, Leads. etc. of Zoho CRM to your clients and likewise, get replies from them
  • Ability to track individual client’s conversations by popping in the SMS archives
  • Automation to send SMS to individuals or up to 100 people at once in bulk

  • Field merging option to add your selective fields in the custom template
  • Both written and customised templates option to choose your favourite one

  • Provides an opt-out option to the clients to move out of getting the SMS, and you keep the log of the number of clients using the opt-out option

  • Send SMS with event reminders and alerts instantly or at your convenient scheduled time


How to Integrate

The way you improve your business’s reputation by averting the manual handling of the vast SMS sent by the clients, the same way, you can create latency and flaws if your integration is wrongly done. Hence, check out our step-by-step integration process or should there be any concerns, feel free to reach out to the help team of SaasPlugin.

See It in Action

Suppose you want to avoid reading the whole chunk of documentation stated above. In that case, our short length straight-cut video will provide you with a view of how to install the extension for Zoho CRM to Burst SMS integration and how to apply it to your regular chat with the clients.






Want your business to adopt a whole new milestone in communication with your loyal clients? Grab our Zoho CRM to Burst SMS today with a 10-day free trial.

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