Zoho CRM to ClickSend SMS Integrations

Send Personalised SMS to Your Desired Contacts with All the Latest Marketing Updates

This extension powers the Zoho CRM to become the central hub for texting and receiving SMS from any given module of the CRM. Explore the sent and received SMS history to check the status of your SMS messages and take your next communicative steps accordingly.

Zoho CRM to Click Send

What Exactly Is Zoho CRM to ClickSend Extension?

SaasPlugin’s state-of-the-art extension “Zoho CRM 2 ClickSend” caters to any form of business of any size to maintain an effective form of communication. Keeping the communication with the clients has become way easier as it involves a few clicks to send your company’s text messages to the clients and subsequently receive SMS from them. What it takes is to – access the Zoho CRM, go to any modules (Leads, Deals, Contacts, Potential, campaign), click a button in the interface to send the SMS, and follow the updates by checking the SMS history.

This extension expands its service by letting you access the SMS history to check all the conversations you have had with your clients. It helps you determine what strategy to follow next to promote your service or goods. You don’t want to leave the clients in disappointment by sending the same promotional offers – that is not good from the marketing perspective, given that you already had sent that promotional offer to the clients.

However, the built-in opt-out feature lets the customers decide whether they wish to continue their journey with you or not. Cleaver, right?

This Zoho Clicksend SMS integration keeps your clients within the reach of your business, helping them receive any text ranging from the promotional campaign marketing promotion to any service-related query. Your customers are always informed of what is going around with your business and help them decide how to benefit from your company. To reach a broader level, you can send SMS in bulk to up to 100 people at once alongside sending SMS one-to-one.

Overall, this Clicksend SMS integration helps you go the extra mile to give the most outstanding customer service without a chance of missing any critical business-related texts.

The Benefits of Using the Zoho CRM to ClickSend

  • Send & receive SMS from leads, deals, contacts, potential and campaign
  • Send one-to-one SMS or in bulk of up to 100 people at once
  • Ability to choose to send SMS instantly or schedule for later use

  • Choose the template for sending SMS for your personalised contact using this ClickSend Zoho CRM integration
  • Check out the history of SMS between you and the clients, helps you track the previously made conversation

  • SMS history can be accessed from both the top menu and each individual module page like lead, contact, deal, etc.

  • Option to utilise your lead and user field option

  • Set the event and alert by selecting the event’s name, duration and date

  • Opt-out option embedded in each message sent to the client.


How to Integrate

Connecting ClickSend with Zoho CRM is as easy as its user-friendly interface. Check out the integration process to own the most advanced and personalised SMS texting and receiving plugin for streamlining your overall internal and external communication.

See It in Action

Our self-made video tutorial will demonstrate the entire process from Zoho CRM integration with ClickSend to its actual application in handling the SMS communication between you and your clients.






Get one step closer to your clients regarding any business updates to query solving issues with our one-click SMS texting extension.

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