Deal to Project Conversion for Zoho CRM

Create Your Project and Its Relevant Tasks with More Customisable Features Directly From Deal Layout page of Zoho CRM

Creating the project has become even twice as easy with less time needed, and little effort demanded. Deal to Project Extension syncs your deal’s information to turn that into a project on the Zoho Project platform straight from the Zoho CRM interface.

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Deal to Project

How Precisely Does Deal to Project Extension Benefit?

The deal management process inside the Zoho CRM requires the creation of projects based on the value contained within the deal parameters into the Zoho Projects platform. Its purpose is to set out the sales pipelines that involve the deal starting to deal closing. A great number of projects made from a deal page can turn out hectic and time-consuming. Yet, the Deal to Project Conversion for Zoho CRM makes this process easier.

With the extension, you can create any number of projects from given Zoho CRM deals from the deal layout page within the CRM rather than jumping into the Zoho Projects platform. You have the option to create all the crucial elements of the projects, such as project name, task, task lists, subtasks, etc. With all this pre-set information, you can select your templates for the specific deals category.

You will also get the Trigger list option, where the customisation modules and fields allow you to set the selective templates for any given conditions. In this way, you will be able to make 10 times as many projects within the Deal layout of Zoho CRM, shooting up your conversion rate from a large number of deals.

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What Values This Extension for Zoho CRM Adds?

  • Create as many projects as you can from the Deals page of Zoho CRM
  • No need to access Zoho Projects for the project conversion
  • Manual mode on & off option to select the desired project template to be chosen either automatically or manually for the specific deal

  • Create projects with a unique template containing their tasks, task lists, suffix and prefix, milestone, etc.
  • Set your preferred conditions based on your company’s policy and guidelines to select the template out of a range of templates for selective deals

  • Everything you create within a given project, from templates to triggering lists are, all reflected on the main Zoho Projects and that too using just the Zoho CRM only

  • When the manual mode is on, you get a button called “Create Zoho Project” that helps you manually select the template for deals based on the conditions

D2P How to Integrate

How to Integrate

Deal module page allows you to create projects without any single access to the Zoho Projects with the help of this deal to project extension, making the entire sales deal management seamless and dynamic. Its setup process is not that hard as long as you follow our installation and setup guide.

See It In Action

Check out our video for a more practical approach to this Zoho CRM extension to leverage its way of creating the projects inside the Zoho CRM directly.





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Get the Deal to Project Converter for the smooth project conversion with all the customisable options directly from the Deals page in Zoho CRM without any manual interaction.


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