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Send up to 100 SMS messages with a few clicks from your Zoho CRM. Automate the communication process & track replies without compromising business time & effort!

Direct SMS integration for Zoho CRM offers top-notch messaging features that facilitate marketing efforts, save agents time, and streamline communication, reinforcing customer retention rate.

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Use Cases of Direct SMS to Zoho CRM Integration

SMS messages have a 98% open rate, putting the text messaging media on the front line. But you need to know what feasibilities the SMS gateway offers. Various industries can use SMS marketing to reach customers and promote their products or services. Apart from marketing, text messages for regular business communication can be a solid deal regarding deliverability and getting responses (45% response rate). Here are a few use cases Direct SMS extension offers to its users:

Reasons to Use Direct SMS Extension

SMS communication has taken the lead in recent years. The 19% Click Through Rate (CTR) is lucrative and has proven superior to traditional email marketing (2.69% CTR in 2022). But spending time on Zoho CRM for data collection and then again on the Direct SMS dashboard to communicate with the customers is inefficient. This is where our Direct SMS integration with Zoho CRM comes to the rescue.

Our Zoho SMS plugins fast forward the communication process by unifying the channels. You can send and receive SMS messages right from the Zoho CRM or Desk using the Direct SMS extension. There are many reasons you would love to opt-in for our messaging plugin, including—

  • SMS communication is possible right from the Zoho CRM with our plugin.
  • It facilitates the automation process by merging fields module when sending a text message.
  • Customisable templates make it easier to reply to customers when it’s an emergency or the nature of the reply is repetitive.

  • You can schedule messages for later or send them right away.
  • Customer replies will be added to the CRM as support tickets under the respective contacts.

  • Tracking past messages is possible in a few clicks.

  • Our SMS plugin is cost-effective and offers excellent usability in a simple yet robust interface.

Why Should you consider SaasPlugin

What Makes SaasPlugin Unique from Its Competitors?

For the last decade, SaasPlugin has been a trusted name who have been developing state-of-art plugins for the Zoho platform. We are Zoho’s advanced partner and help small to large businesses with customised software solutions and expert consultation. Our affordable Zoho extensions fulfil business needs, ensure better productivity and minimise operating costs. Thousands of companies across Australia and neighbouring countries consider SaasPlugin’s products for the following reasons—

  • Our Direct SMS extension introduces efficiency in professional communication.
  • We have top-notch in-house plugin developers and knowledgeable support teams to resolve any of your issues within the quickest possible time.

  • Our expert consultants can revamp your business process through state-of-art CRM solutions, apart from handling installation and other critical issues.


Our messaging extensions offer a great deal of usability at affordable prices. Be it the Twilio integration, Clickatell, ClickSend, or Burst SMS extension; you will find them reasonably priced. Also, you will get a 10% discount on a yearly subscription.




  • 10% off

Save more business time and allow your agents a window to do more. Install Direct SMS integration with Zoho CRM and streamline text communication from today!

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