Zoho CRM to Dropbox Integration

Synchronise Leads and Deals between Zoho CRM and Dropbox in just a few clicks. Create, share, and manage files and folders in your Dropbox from Zoho CRM without toggling between windows.

Our Zoho CRM to Dropbox extension simplifies the folder and file management system where you can create necessary files and maintain information hierarchies accordingly. Automate the data management process and aid your marketing efforts exponentially.

Zoho CRM 2 Dropbox

What are the Features of the Zoho CRM Dropbox Integration?

Reducing keystrokes and simplifying the process— our Dropbox integration aims for excellence at every level. It connects the Dropbox dashboard with Zoho CRM so that the agents can access information without disrupting the Zoho CRM’s workflow. Below are the basic features of our Dropbox Zoho CRM integration:

Folder and Sub Folder in Dropbox

Create specific folders, subfolders, and files in Dropbox from Zoho CRM.

Upload all attachment in Cloud

Upload any attachment maintaining the file hierarchy in a few clicks.

Folder and File remain Intact after converting

Your folders and files remain intact even after successfully converting into deals from leads.

Bidirectional Sync

The bidirectional synchronisation lets you leverage both of the platforms simultaneously.

User Friendly Design

User-friendly design ensures you don’t need additional training while you add/remove files/folders.

Why Should you consider SaasPlugin

Why Should You Consider SaasPlugin?

SaasPlugin is a trusted name in the fields of Zoho. We offer customised solutions to businesses worldwide with a repository of state-of-art Zoho integrations. We have been developing Zoho extensions for the last two decades and have helped organisations grow over time. Our policy is simple— creating affordable bespoke plugins that make a difference. We are unique for the following reasons—

  • Two decades of Zoho extensions development expertise you can trust.
  • Thoroughly researched and well-oiled plugins that support small to medium-sized businesses to thrive.
  • In-house plugin developers with unmatched quality and attention to deta.

  • Zoho certified consultants to guide you through the corners and make your journey smooth with Zoho CRM plugins.
  • Cost-effective Zoho extensions ready to boost your productivity.
  • Competitive advantage at the best prices in the market.

How to Install, Connect & Authorise

Dropbox to Zoho CRM?

Installation of Dropbox for Zoho CRM follows the same step as installing Google Drive for Zoho CRM or any other extensions.

  • To start the process, go to your CRM dashboard and click on Settings on the right.

  • Navigate to Marketplace>>All, where you will be redirected to the extension page

  • Click on the search bar and type Dropbox for Zoho CRM, and you will find our plugin.

  • Click on it and agree to the necessary terms and conditions before hitting the Continue button.

  • Select your user preference and click on Confirm.

  • Either subscribe to the paid version or try the free version for ten days.

The installation will begin, and you must complete the authorisation in the next step.

Once you have installed the Dropbox Zoho CRM extension, you need to connect them through the widget to run the operations. Don’t worry; our easy-to-use plugin integrates with the system without hassle and additional coding. After installation, it comes the authorisation part. Let’s see how to authorise the widget.

  • Go to your CRM dashboard, and click on the Dropbox Settings menu from the top bar.

  • Click on the Authorise Dropbox button from the new window.

  • Now, sign in with your Dropbox account to continue the authorisation. If you don’t have a Dropbox account, sign up for free to use the plugin.
  • After you log in to your Dropbox account with the necessary credentials and required permissions, it will automatically authorise the use of Dropbox from your Zoho CRM.

If you are unsure about the process and want further assistance regarding installation and usage, please contact our support team.

See It In Action

SaasPlugin always tries to make things as simple as possible. Therefore, we have prepared a video explaining how to use the Dropbox Zoho CRM plugin. Watch it to learn how Dropbox to CRM extension works, the basic features, and the pricing plan for this state-of-art Zoho plugin.


Our policy prioritises the clients’ needs. You have spoken, and we have heard it all— our Zoho CRM Dropbox plugin comes in premium quality at affordable prices. Also, enjoy a 10% discount on yearly subscriptions.





Dropbox to Zoho CRM integration is designed to reduce keystrokes and boost your marketing efforts. Install it today and find out why we call it one-of-a-kind?

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About Us

About Us - SaasPlugin

SaasPlugin has been offering the most tailored Zoho CRM solutions to a wide range of clients across a diverse range of businesses for more than a decade. With a team of highly experienced software engineers with hands-on expertise, we develop the most cost-effective Zoho plugins and extensions suited to your regularly used contemporary Zoho extensions and third-party apps. Our primary focus is to automate your Zoho CRM and other existing Zoho plugins so that you can effectively maintain your business and day-to-day routine without involving manual operation. As an advanced partner of Zoho, we are committed to building a good rapport with our customers and achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction with our unique, flawless and easy-to-use plugins.

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