Google Drive for Zoho CRM

Google Drive for Zoho CRM integration, in a word, streamlines your overall sales operation with its unique-syncing option with Google Drive.

Create Your folders for all your leads and deals from the Zoho CRM without accessing Google Drive. Then upload and sync your files into those folders straight from the CRM using this noble Google Drive extension.

Zoho CRM 2 Google Drive

What Exactly is Zoho CRM to Google Drive Extension?

Document sharing in the most efficient way to handle a lot of clients’ documents and files is a must for your successful workflow rules. From maintaining the sales pipeline to onboarding clients, you need a real-time cloud storage system like Google Drive to store those big yet sheer number of files, including major attachments.

Making folders for each client up to hundreds is too difficult to store and handle if there are no applications to integrate with Zoho CRM. While it needs you to access Google Drive manually, it also kills your efficiency and hence creates a mental turmoil to upload all the files for the successful recordkeeping and management of the accounts.

Our Google Drive for Zoho CRM plugin will enable you to create any sort of parent and subfolders within the Zoho CRM – while letting you transfer your attachments directly from the device to your Zoho CRM. So, you get rid of extra hassles through the automation this integration introduces.

Why Would You Use This Extension for Zoho CRM?

  • Create the clients’ folder hierarchy, such as parent folders and subfolders
  • Create these folders for uploading your attachments from your selective devices

  • Set the directory for this hierarchy of these folders in the Google Drive Module Setting Option within the Zoho CRM, known as a base location

  • Add subfolder under the parent folder by clicking on the “Create Subfolder” button
  • You can either add or remove the parent and subfolders from the settings option

  • Rename the folders according to your client’s organisation or contact or your company’s own preference

  • For every successful lead turning into a deal will let you select the location for that client while keeping your folders and files intact

  • Any folders or subfolders you add into the settings will bring those files into the lead or deal pages. However, you still have the option to manually add or remove folders from the lead & deal pages

How to Integrate

Zoho CRM Google Drive integration, in a word, streamlines your overall sales operation with its unique-syncing option with Google Drive. All the CRM data along with clients’ attachments, like PDFs, images, NDAs, or Office files, can easily be synced and uploaded into your newly created folders within your Google Drive account, and that too from CRM directly. Take a look at how the Google Drive extension for Zoho CRM is installed and set up.

See it in Action

Watch the video to gain more insight about how this extension can be a boon for your regular storing and making of the folders and files of the clients






Test our Google Drive extension for Zoho CRM to get your files and folders sorted and created in no time, straight from deal & lead pages for clients’ satisfaction.

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