Zoho CRM to Saasu Integrations

A Finest accounting-related Extension is Right at the Door to Make Your Finance Recordkeeping Sync Across Both Platforms

Enter the accounting data more easily and access them from one central accounting plugin Saasu. This automation saves yourself a paperwork headache and prevents a double-entry manually by integrating your accounting information between Zoho CRM and Saasu extension.

Zoho CRM 2 Saasu

What is Zoho CRM to Saasu Extension?

Do you want to access all your accounting data straight into Saasu as soon as they are uploaded into the Zoho CRM? Do you need an extension that integrates your Zoho CRM with another plugin to remind you about the invoice and payment update?

If the answers are yes, you need a Saasu Zoho CRM to extension. This plugin saves you manually entering the data across both platforms, helping you get all the information in one unified system, which is Saasu. Usually, Saasu alone won’t receive any updates when the contacts, vendors, accounts, invoices, etc., are updated on the CRM system. But here, with the help of the extension, you get the notification via email as soon as they get updated.

Our integrational Zoho CRM to Saasu extension seamlessly integrates your accounting data, thus synchronising them between both platforms, preventing data duplication using the smart validation rules. Through this validation, you need not to worry about whether or not the same invoice has been updated multiple times, – which could cause a mismatch and overlap between the payments. Therefore, you can expect to get an automated error-free solution to your vast accounts and finance with this Saasu integration.

Your Zoho CRM is a pioneering platform aimed at managing your sales and marketing workflow, but it can’t organise your financial recordkeeping without the online accounting software like Saasu. However, to make them work efficiently, you need a Saasu account, as well as you need to connect Saasu with Zoho CRM. With our Zoho CRM to Saasu two way integration plugin, you can get relieved from manually entering the same data from Zoho CRM. Thus, you can utilise that spare time on other operational needs.

What Are the Key Features of This Saasu Accounting Integration?

  • Sync your necessary modules, such as CRM contacts, accounts, vendors, products, sales order, a purchase order from Zoho CRM to Saasu
  • The vendor will be updated as a supplier into the Saasu contacts, and the invoice will be updated as a service type tax invoice into the Sales modules when updated or added in CRM
  • Receive notifications in the case of failure of data transferring to Saasu

  • Smart validation rules completely eradicate duplication, making an accurate data-entry
  • This integration works by enabling a two-way real-time synchronisation

How to integrate CRM to Sassu

How to Integrate?

Receive the alert notification quickly with the Zoho CRM to Saasu integration when any new invoice or vendors are added and synced into the Saasu for easy access to a platform where all the financial information is stored. To benefit from this plugin to the fullest, you need a swift installation of this extension. Check out the integration process step-by-step and get your finance sorted under one complete platform.






Store all your finance and accounting related data through a swift integration between Zoho CRM and Saasu and prevent manual entry while preventing duplication. Grab Zoho CRM to Saasu extension to take care of your sales orders.

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