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Securely Password Sharing Is the First Priority, Not a Second Option

Increase the protection of your password and other topmost secure information with the most innovative and advanced password sharing Zoho CRM extension, brought to you by SaasPlugin.

Zoho CRm 2 Zoho Vault

What Exactly is Zoho Vault to Zoho CRM?

Client onboarding is the most fundamental thing for any agency to an organisation. To take the list of the clients for successful recordkeeping, as well as smooth operational management, you need their personal information, such as passwords to secretive credentials, etc.

To make the workflow rules keep going, you need to sync your password provided by your clients to handle and tackle their important accounts. However, passwords are susceptible to online theft. With that valuable information, the cyber-attack can sabotage your client’s overall ethos of the company and its financial structure to a greater extent.

Therefore, requiring a secure password manager for storing the password and other personal information into the Zoho Vault extension, the need for a Zoho CRM extension for secure password sharing is spot on. Hence, to encrypt them securely and decrypt them with authorisation, this Zoho CRM extension is critical for allowing your clients to share their passwords through double-factor authentication.

What Is So Special About Our Plugin?

  • Integration is relatively straightforward and easy-to-integrate
  • Upon integration, a Request Vault Password option pops out and allows you to send emails and OTP to the clients automatically
  • OTP is used in the link provided within the email to activate the verification process on the Zoho Vault extension

  • Option to add password, secret name, secret notes and attach the file option to add more sensitive information
  • Clients can add 5 secrets at a time, but with this Zoho Vault extension, they can opt for the “Add Another Secret” option to have unlimited password sharing

  • Decryption will only happen once the permission of the client is granted using the OTP and email link with all the processes followed one-after-one

  • Request A New Link” will allow the clients to send an email to you to send them the OTP and email with the attached link once again in the case of a broken or defective link


How to Integrate

An integration of Zoho Vault to Zoho CRM extension with both Zoho CRM extension and Zoho Vault extension is seamless and easy to operate. There is no involvement of other third-party plugins, and the installation process itself is not rocket science.

To learn about how to integrate this stellar extension step-by-step, check out our extensively overdone installation guide of this free password manager for the most encrypted password management sharing system in Generation Z.

It’s that simple!

See it in Action

Watch our own-made and self-tailored video to showcase the instructions on how to use this secure password manager






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