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Better Business Efficiency

Zoho Desk is a trusted name among small to medium enterprises for business processing. Equipped with lucrative features, Zoho Desk makes it easier for brands to acquire and retain customers at ease. From reaching out to customers to solving their queries through support tickets, Zoho Desk does it in the most professional way possible.

However, Zoho Desk may not act independently in specific situations where you need overly customised solutions. In that case, Zoho Desk integrations come in handy. As an advanced partner of Zoho, we create state-of-art Zoho CRM and Desk integration ready to be paired with Zoho products without hassle.

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Why Do You Need Zoho Desk?

It’s fascinating how a cloud-based customer support system can transform the way businesses communicate with their customers. Catered to businesses of all sizes, Zoho Desk takes it to the next level by efficiently managing customer support tickets, contracts, and reports.

Zoho Desk is a virtual help desk that works as the first point of contact when issues arise. Be it a product-related complaint or the customers want to explore more about the services, raising a ticket is as easy as pie on the Desk. And when it comes to resolving the issues, customers find it enjoyable as the interactive features make it more like a collaboration rather than one-sided participation.

Our Helpful Zoho Desk Add Ons

We have a wide range of supportive Zoho Desk add ons ready to be incorporated into your workflow. Our Zoho integrations make it easy for the agents to communicate with the customers and keep track of their activities.

Below are some of our prominent Zoho Desk SMS integrations that automate the process and help sales reps to do more—

Zoho Desk to Twillio

Text SMS communication integration for Zoho Desk. The sales reps can send and receive SMS messages using the Twilio SMS gateway right from the Zoho Desk. This Zoho Desk SMS integration makes reaching out to customers easier and more efficient.

Burst SMS Extension for Zoho Desk Logo

If you have a Burst SMS subscription, you can send text messages to your customers from Zoho Desk. We have designed and developed our Burst SMS add on to enable support agents to leverage all the features of Burst SMS without having to leave Zoho Desk.

Direct SMS Zoho Desk Logo

Sending text messages to prospective customers is easier with our Direct SMS extension for Zoho Desk. You can reach out to customers with a few clicks where the replies turn into support tickets automatically. Besides, you can find the whole conversation history in a few taps, helping your sales agents to approach strategically.

We aim to offer as many integrating services as possible so that you don’t have to purchase new subscriptions and work with your existing ones. We have our ClickSend SMS plugin ready for Zoho Desk as part of that process. With customisable features, you can enjoy a streamlined communication system with customers in just a few taps.

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