Burst SMS Extension for Zoho Desk

Send & Track SMS Messages Directly to Your Customers’ Phones from Your Zoho Desk & Skyrocket Customer Retention.

Modern businesses use personalised messages to spark interest among the customers. And to make the communication more fruitful, Burst SMS Extension for Zoho Desk should be your number one choice. With a comprehensive tracking interface and customisable templates, communication with the customers has never been easier. Send SMS messages, monitor replies, and manage support tickets right from your Zoho Desk.

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What is So Special About Burst SMS to Zoho Desk Integration?

Paired with your Zoho Desk, this SMS API makes business communications more effective. Burst SMS extension is the most convenient way to communicate with your customers with just a few clicks. As it enables cross messaging, sending and receiving SMS becomes easier than ever.

What’s more— you can land on your customers’ phones right from your Desk. Tracking received replies and placing them in their respective support tickets becomes more efficient. So, you know each one’s status whenever you need them. Eventually, you can focus more on other business operations without worrying about the database. All while operating them right under the same roof.

Key Features of Burst SMS Extension for Zoho Desk

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Some of the key features you will enjoy using Zoho Desk Burst SMS integration are—

  • Seamless text communication between your brand and customers from Zoho Desk tickets.
  • Fully customisable messages for better client response.
  • Prebuilt (customisable) templates to save your time and effort.

  • User-friendly interface design to tracking down customers’ replies from the complete history and many more.

What You Can Do With Our Plugin?

When the responses and reception to email become unproductive, it blocks the agent’s ability to act and close tickets. This is where the Burst SMS extension steps in. With a sophisticated messaging system, you can use it to—

  • Maximise reach with just one click right from the extension.
  • Save time and effort in managing seamless communication.
  • Build good rapport with the customers and expand profitability.

  • Increases productivity by eliminating manual texting.
  • Convey messages faster while ensuring timely reception and response.
  • Mitigate the mistakes that you could have made when there are more support tickets to handle.
How to Integrate

How to Integrate

Burst SMS Zoho Desk integrations let you send personalised messages directly to your customers. This powerful extension is not only feasible for easy access and tracking but expands your brand reputation. The integration is simple. It just takes a few clicks. And you are ready to communicate with your customers in a whole new professional way. Follow this step-by-step guide to integrate Burst SMS into Zoho Desk.

See It In Action

Stuck in the integration process? Why don’t you use some help from the Zoho Desk SMS Integration tutorial we have prepared for you? If you are still unsure how to integrate the Zoho Desk Burst SMS extension, talk to our support team right away.






Ready to explore the level of professionalism it can add to your business communication? Get Burst SMS Extension for Zoho Desk today!

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