Clickatell Integration for Zoho Desk

Send & receive text messages from your Zoho desk tickets directly to your customers’ mobiles. Reduce keystrokes & boost productivity in a click!

If you are looking for a two-way SMS communication system for your Zoho desk, our Clickatell extension should be your first choice. Our plugin makes customer retention and acquisition easy with customised messages in a few taps.

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Why Do You Need Clickatell Extension for Zoho Desk?

Customer retention often depends on the effectiveness of business communication. A personalised message can stir up emotions and trigger interest in the customer.

You use the Zoho desk for its convenience in communicating with your customers. But the scope is limited and only restricted to emails. It disrupts the communication flow as customers may not check their emails regularly. Besides, maintaining email messages when you have plenty of tickets is challenging. So, to support instant communication, opting in for an SMS messaging service is necessary.

However, using different channels for reaching out to customers often results in inefficiencies. Zoho with Clickatell integration allows two-way communication right from the support tickets. So, you don’t have to navigate to the Clickatell dashboard to send and receive SMS messages. It results in boosted productivity and better customer service.

Besides, you can access the conversation data with a few clicks. This helps sales reps to communicate better with the customers and make sure they get the right messages. Overall, the Clickatell plugin is a one-stop solution for your business’s customer retention and acquisition needs.

Features You’ll Love About Our Clickatell SMS Integration

Everyone loves a streamlined communication system devoid of unwanted hassles. Our Clickatell extension for Zoho desk connects the Clickatell SMS gateway with Zoho desk, letting you send and receive text messages right from your support tickets. So, you don’t have to leave Zoho desk to design the campaign and communicate with customers. Developed strategically, our Zoho desk Clickatell integration offers the following features—

ability to send SMS

Send text messages directly to customers’ mobile devices

Custom Template

The field merging option reduces the risk of human errors

Field Merge

Customisable templates to quickly send personalised messages to the customers

Automatic Ticket

Replies turn into support tickets automatically

Look up ACN

Complete conversation history for easy tracking and monitoring

A cost effective sms marketing

Affordable pricing and modern UI/UX design

Why Should you consider SaasPlugin

Why Should You Consider SaasPlugin?

SaasPlugin is a trusted name in the fields of Zoho. We offer customised solutions to businesses worldwide with a repository of state-of-art integrations. We have been developing Zoho extensions for the last two decades and have helped organisations grow over time. Our policy is simple— creating affordable bespoke plugins that make a difference.

  • Two decades of expertise you can trust.
  • Thoroughly researched and well-oiled plugins that support small to medium-sized businesses to thrive.
  • In-house plugin developers with unmatched quality and attention to detail.

  • Zoho certified consultants to help your journey smooth.
  • Cost-effective Zoho extensions ready to boost your productivity.

  • Competitive advantage at the best prices.

See It In Action

If you are still unclear about the process and think a short explainer video can help, watch this video to understand how our Clickatell SMS for Zoho desk works.

How to send SMS form Zoho Desk to Clickatell

How to Send Text Messages Using Desk to Clickatell SMS Plugin?

Sending a text message to the customers is easier with Clickatell SMS plugin. Similar to Twilio integration, the options to send an SMS will appear in the respective boxes after installing and authorising the plugin. Let’s see how to send an SMS using Zoho desk Clickatell add-on:

  • Step 1: Open the “Tickets” page and click on the tickets you want to send messages to. Selecting any of the tickets will import the mobile number associated as the recipient.

  • Step 2: Click on the floating widget button at the top right corner and select Clickatell SMS extension.

  • Step 3: Write your message in the Description box. If you have a message written as a template, use the Templates button and you’ll find available templates. Select your targeted one and hit the Send button. Your recipient will receive the message right away. If you don’t have any templates ready, you can create one by clicking the Manage Templates> New Template button.

    While composing your text, you can utilise Merge Field button to automatically import various data reducing the risk of human errors without typing them manually.

If you are not sure about the process and want to get further assistance in regards to installation and usage, please contact our support team.


Similar to our other SMS messaging plugins, Zoho desk Clickatell integration is affordable. You will enjoy tons of premium features only for a few bucks. Besides, you’ll enjoy an additional 10% discount on yearly subscriptions.





Interested in opting in for an efficient SMS communication media? Install our Clickatell Zoho integration today and do more with one click!

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