Direct SMS Extension for Zoho Desk

Skip toggling between windows & send SMS messages directly to your customers’ mobile with just one tap—right from your Zoho desk.

If jacking up your brand reputation and customer retention rate is your concern, know that our Direct SMS extension for Zoho desk is here. From sending personalised messages to getting replies as support tickets, you can do that in just a few taps.

Direct SMS Zoho Desk

Why Businesses Prefer Direct SMS Extension for Zoho Desk?

It’s the ease of use and flexibility of work that has made Zoho desk Direct SMS integration so popular. Developed with cutting edge technology, it ensures seamless communication between you and your customers.

Functionally, the Direct SMS integration helps you to skip toggling between the Zoho desk and the SMS gateway when sending a message. As you cannot send a message using the Zoho desk without any third party, supporting customers become a tedious task. Manually inputting all data from the desk to Direct SMS takes time and effort. Also, you can make mistakes anytime.

To save sales reps from the hassle, this Zoho desk integration builds a bridge between the two platforms. So, you can now automatically input data from the desk to the SMS gateway and send it to the customers with just a click. Again, when you get a reply, it automatically turns into a support ticket right on your desk. Thus, the whole communication process becomes more efficient. Eventually, it boosts business productivity and earns better ROI.

Premium Features of Our Direct SMS Extension

Our Zoho desk Direct SMS integration comes with bespoke features that reduce hassles for sales reps. From inputting available info in one click to sending SMS messages right from Zoho desk, our Direct SMS to Zoho extension includes features like—

ability to send SMS

Ability to send messages directly on customer’s mobile from Zoho desk

Custom Template

Custom templates for faster response

Field Merge

Field merging options to reduce workload

Automatic Ticket

Automatically creating support tickets with every response received

Look up ACN

Monitor and keep records of complete conversation history with customers

A cost effective sms marketing

A cost-effective and reliable solution for SMS marketing

How to Send a Message Using Desk to Direct SMS Plugin?

Sending an SMS message using Direct SMS for Zoho desk extension is easy. Once you integrate with SMS messaging and authorise the plugin, it will automatically show you options to send messages. At the same time, you will be able to receive messages from customers to directly on your Zoho desk. Let’s see how to send your first SMS using the add-on.

zoho desk to Direct SMS

Step 1: Open the “Tickets” page to access your desired one and send an SMS message to the customer.

Step 2: Expand the widget window from the top right corner and select “Direct SMS extension” to use this plugin..

Step 3: You’ll find clients’ mobile contact numbers automatically filled in the “Send To” text field. You can also make necessary changes to the contact number before sending the message. Again, if you need, you can automatically import other information from the “Merge Filed” option according to your needs. Write any custom messages if you need to in the Description field.

Step 4: Once you are ready, hit the “Send” button and you will find it as the “Outbound SMS” in the Conversation section.

Please head over to our Knowledge Base or contact our support team for a better understanding.

Why Should you consider SaasPlugin

Why Should You Consider SaasPlugin?

SaasPlugin is an advanced partner of Zoho. For the last decade, we have been developing state-of-art plugins for small to large businesses. Our products are bringing the desired growth to the businesses by minimising workload and streamlining the process. Besides, the value we create in contrast to our competitors is enviable— not to mention our affordability.

  • Certified by Zoho, we are the frontiers of plugins that introduce business efficiencies.
  • The products we offer in the Zoho marketplace are cost-effective and reliable.
  • Our Direct SMS extension for Zoho desk shortcuts the process and help marketers act smartly.

  • If you ever run into problems sending and receiving messages using the plugin, our support team is here to help.


We have kept the price for Direct SMS Zoho desk integration low so you get all the premium features without breaking the bank. Besides, as always, we offer a 10% discount on yearly subscriptions. So, you save more on yearly subscriptions than monthly plans.





Save more business time and allow your sales reps a window to do more. Install the Zoho desk to Direct SMS plugin today and see your job reduced to half instantly!

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