Twilio Extension for Zoho Desk

Connect Twilio with your Zoho desk to ensure top-notch customer support in just a few clicks.

While you are busy expanding your business, an automated system to track, store, and streamline the communication process is more than necessary. Twilio extension for Zoho desk does exactly that. The dashboard with powerful UI/UX makes your job a whole lot easier. At the same time, it helps to increase customer retention rate.

Desk to Twilio

What Does Twilio Extension for Zoho Desk Do?

Professional support is the key to achieving customer satisfaction in modern businesses. Without it, your brand is sure to struggle.

Timely replies, professional communication, and customised messages help your reputation grow. Twilio Zoho desk integration is what represents a good rapport with the customers. From message customisation and sending it in the most professional way possible to tracking replies and storing them where they belong, Twilio for the Zoho desk handles all. It builds the bridge between you and your customers — all while boosting the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns.

It’s free for 10 days. Why don’t you get it today!

Why Zoho Desk to Twilio Integration is a Smart Choice?

Why Desk to Twilio

Businesses in modern days seek efficiency. Most successful brands have fostered one or two ways— if not many— to ensure the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns. Twilio is already a popular messaging platform. Again, Zoho has proved itself as a top-notch choice for building relations with customers. Now, what if you can merge the two platforms together? What if you can save time and effort to scale up your business?

The good news is, with Twilio for the Zoho desk, you can do that with ease. You can run the operations without leaving your Zoho desk. Send an SMS message directly to your customer’s mobile and get replies on the same platform. What’s more— you can customise your messages before sending them to the clients. Create templates, customise if necessary and send them with one click. And when it comes to pricing, you won’t find another at this range. At only US$10/org, make your business communication easier, efficient, and more professional than ever.

Features that Come with Twilio Extension for Zoho Desk

Twilio Zoho desk integration is enriched with important standard features. It streamlines the business communication process. Twilio SMS extension connects the two platforms — Zoho and Twilio. It presents you with an interactive workspace that saves you from navigating between them. Instead, you can control all of them right from a single channel. Features that make this SMS API so useful are including but are not limited to —


Easy text messaging communication between the brand and customers

custom template

Custom templates for quicker response to customers’ queries

Integrate system

Integrated systems that capture replies and include them in respective support tickets

Modern UI design

Modern UI design for faster navigation and toggling

No Complex Information

No need for any complex information or code to run the extension

Why Should You Consider Our Plugin for Zoho Desk?

Why choose Twilio extension

Working with SaasPlugin is fun. Our plugins are world-class. Besides, our ethos, brief, and customer-centric approach have made us the top Zoho Consultants in Australia.

  • We are Zoho’s Advanced Partner; meaning when it comes to dedication and quality, we are among the first ones to consider
  • We have the finest Twilio Zoho integration developers in our in-house team
  • Our support team is always ready to offer the most comprehensive solutions to your Zoho integration-related problems. From installation to use, our friendly support team will guide you through every step

  • Our Twilio SMS extension is cost-effective. It costs only US$10/org. You will find none offering a complete solution like ours at this price range.
How to Integrate

How to Integrate

The integration process of the Twilio SMS extension is simple. You can buy the extension directly or try the free version for 10 days first. Either way, to install, go to General Setting and fill out the necessary fields. Hit the Install button and it will initiate the integration process. Then activate the extension by authorising your account.

Now enter your User Name and Password. Note that your Account SID is your User Name. And AUTH Token is Password. Hit the Save Details button and voila— your account is ready to send its first SMS message.

To learn how to integrate Twilio Extension into Zoho Desk in our Knowledge Base.

See It In Action

See our video on how to use and install Twilio for Zoho desk. If you enjoy watching and learning new things through video, this is where you can find them.






Don’t waste your time navigating between Zoho desk and Twilio to send and reply to SMS messages. Install Twilio to Zoho extension today

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