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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is redefining the success of modern businesses. And it’s no wonder why CRM is expected to stretch over 43.5 Billion in 2024. With state-of-art Zoho CRM integration tools, businesses can leverage the power of automation while cutting through the competition with ease.

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What is a CRM?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is the process of administrating strategies, tools, data, and technologies of enterprises to acquire and retain customers. Any CRM solution aims to build a bridge between the customers and brands. Zoho is such a CRM software that introduces a whole new customer experience to small businesses.

From tracking the buyers’ journey to facilitating smoother interactions and enhanced customer experience, Zoho CRM goes a long way to efficiently streamline communication and manage data.`

Our Special Zoho CRM Automation Tools

The best thing about Zoho CRM is its flexibility and the availability of custom Zoho CRM plugins. We at SaasPlugin, are committed to creating state-of-art CRM integration tools that automate the work process. Our Zoho integrations are programmed to help small to medium-sized businesses scale up growth and enhance brand reputation. We have everything under the same roof, from Zoho integrations for SMS communication to handling finance, security, productivity, and educational purposes. And the list goes beyond Zoho CRM, as we have a repository of Zoho plugins for Desk.

Here’s a glimpse of our Zoho CRM plugins:

Besides, we have a wide range of SMS service plugins as well as Google integrations, including Zoho CRM to Drive and Address checker for Zoho CRM using Google Maps.

Why Should you consider SaasPlugin

Why Do You Need Zoho Integrations?

As a modern CRM solution, Zoho CRM comes with a plethora of features. Businesses leverage the flexibility of Zoho CRM to multiply their revenue, engage customers in better ways, and keep track of everything. Besides, Zoho CRM’s automation features come second to none— with all the prebuilt futuristic tools, Zoho is the #1 choice for promising brands.

However, there are some limitations. Installing the Zoho CRM contributes to the streamlined workflow rules, but it’s not enough. Therefore, you need specific plugins to get the most out of it. For example, Zoho CRM offers a wide range of communication tools except for an SMS gateway. So, you will need SMS integration for Twilio, ClickSend, Burst SMS, Clickatell, Direct SMS, etc.

We have the most comprehensive SMS plugins for Zoho CRM and plugins for other categories. They are catered to customers’ needs and can be tweaked for advanced customisation. With our Zoho integrations, you can boost your agents’ productivity and utilise your spare time to focus more on industrial growth.

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