ClickSend SMS Extension for Zoho Desk

Send messages, keep track of conversations and receive replies right on your Zoho desk in just a few clicks.

Communication with the customers is made easy with the ClickSend Zoho desk integration. Our easy-to-use Zoho integrations streamline the process with every SMS marketing campaign and reinforce customer retention rate.

Why Do You Need ClickSend to Zoho Desk Integration?

SMS marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies, and it has an almost 98% open rate and 19% click-through rate (CTR). But toggling between your Zoho desk and an SMS gateway like ClickSend would consume valuable business time and inefficiency.

To fast-forward the communication process, we have developed the ClickSend extension for Zoho desk. It allows agents to send and receive messages right from the Zoho desk. And most importantly, it doesn’t need you to navigate back and forth between the two platforms.

Again, replies turn into support tickets automatically at the Zoho desk, making monitoring easier. Besides, customisable templates and field merging options allow agents to auto-populate the information. So, no more chances of human errors. And all you will enjoy is a streamlined communication process backed by our easy-to-use extension for the Zoho desk.

Premium Features of Our ClickSend SMS Integrations

With our easy-to-use Zoho desk integration, you are sure to reduce the hassles of your sales reps. At the same time, you evade the chances of making mistakes by auto-populating your customers’ info in a few clicks.

ability to send SMS

Allows sales reps to send SMS messages right from the Zoho desk.

Custom Template

Customisable templates make it easier to send messages quicker.

Field Merge

Agents can merge information from multiple fields in a few clicks.

Automatic Ticket

Received replies automatically turn into support tickets on Zoho desk.

Look up ACN

Agents can keep track of the whole conversation without any extra effort.

A cost effective sms marketing

Cost-effective and offers a great deal of interface design and functionality.

Why Should you consider SaasPlugin

Why Should You Consider SaasPlugin?

For the last decade, SaasPlugin has been a trusted name who have been developing state-of-art plugins for the Zoho platform. We are Zoho’s advanced partner and help small to large businesses with customised software solutions and expert consultation. Our affordable Zoho extensions fulfil business needs, ensure better productivity and minimise operating costs. Thousands of companies across Australia and neighbouring countries consider SaasPlugin’s products for the following reasons —

  • Our ClickSend extension introduces efficiency in professional communicationSend SMS extension for Zoho desk is cost-effective and user-friendly.
  • We have top-notch We have in-house plugin developers and knowledgeable support teams to resolve any of your issues within the quickest possible time.

  • Our expert consultants can revamp your business process through state-of-art CRM solutions, apart from handling installation and other critical issues.


We have kept the price for ClickSend SMS integrations low, so you get all the premium features without breaking the bank. Besides, we offer a 10% discount on yearly subscriptions. So, you save more on annual subscriptions than monthly plans.





Save more business time and allow your agents a window to do more. Install ClickSend integrations today and see your job reduced to half instantly!

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