Canvas LMS to Zoho CRM

Make your Canvas LMS data available across all departments and supercharge your marketing and sales.

Streamline the learning management of your Canvas LMS by connecting it with Zoho CRM. Sync records from custom modules including Deals, Grades, Logs, Products, Staff, Enrolments, and Contacts according to their roles in a few clicks with the Zoho CRM Canvas LMS extension.

Why Should you consider SaasPlugin

Why Should You Consider SaasPlugin?

SaasPlugin is a trusted name in the fields of Zoho. We offer customised solutions to businesses worldwide with a repository of state-of-art Zoho integrations. We have been developing Zoho extensions for the last two decades and have helped organisations grow over time. Our policy is simple— creating affordable bespoke plugins that make a difference. We are unique for the following reasons—

  • Two decades of expertise you can trust
  • Thoroughly researched and well-oiled plugins that support small to medium-sized businesses to thrive
  • In-house plugin developers with unmatched quality and attention to detail

  • Zoho certified consultants to help your journey smooth
  • Cost-effective Zoho extensions ready to boost your productivity
  • Competitive advantage at the best prices
Canvas LMS to Zoho CRM Sync Data

How to Sync Data from Canvas to Zoho CRM?

Data synchronisation using Canvas LMS to Zoho CRM integration is easier than one can imagine. Our intuitive UI and UX make sure the users can access necessary fields and settings right from where they should be. Let’s see how to sync data using our Canvas LMS Zoho integration.

However, we can sync data in two ways: Manual and Auto.

Manual Sync Zoho CMR to Canvas

Click on the “Sync Canvas Data” from the top bar menu of your Zoho CRM. Select Manual Sync from the options. You will get a confirmation message if the synchronisation is successful.

Once the sync is complete, you can see the data inside your CRM. Go to the Products module to see the newly created Courses and Contact module to view the Users

Auto Sync Zoho CMR to Canvas

Auto synching occurs every 4 hours by default. In Auto Synching, you don’t have to do anything but turn the feature on or off. However, by default, the Auto Sync mode is turned On and you can find it in the “Sync Canvas Data” option in the menu bar.

Once you click on it, a new tab will open. You can turn On/Off the auto synching from the “Canvas Data Sync” section there. Go to Canvas Sync Logs and set the Sync Type, Sync Status, and Sync Direction accordingly.


We have one common goal in mind— ensuring top-notch Zoho plugins at affordable prices. Our Zoho integration with Canvas LMS only costs 50$/month. You can get 15% off on a yearly subscription.





We just don’t talk the talk— nor do our plugins. Carefully designed, the Zoho Canvas LMS plugin is programmed to streamline your process and boost productivity without fail.

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About Us

About Us - SaasPlugin

SaasPlugin has been offering the most tailored Zoho CRM solutions to a wide range of clients across a diverse range of businesses for more than a decade. With a team of highly experienced software engineers with hands-on expertise, we develop the most cost-effective Zoho plugins and extensions suited to your regularly used contemporary Zoho extensions and third-party apps. Our primary focus is to automate your Zoho CRM and other existing Zoho plugins so that you can effectively maintain your business and day-to-day routine without involving manual operation. As an advanced partner of Zoho, we are committed to building a good rapport with our customers and achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction with our unique, flawless and easy-to-use plugins.

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