Zoho CRM to Xero Integration

Get Your Accounting Information Easily Merged with Your Existing Zoho CRM for Easy Recordkeeping

Make your accounting task way easier with Zoho CRM to Xero plugin to sync the modules like contact, account, product, invoice, purchase order bilaterally between both extensions

Zoho CRM 2 Xero

What is the Application of Xero for Zoho CRM Extension?

Zoho CRM ensures your sales & marketing work smoothly while Xero extension takes care of your accounting side with great observation and recordkeeping. However, the sync between the two separate extensions becomes urgent when you constantly have to transfer all the essential module data from Zoho CRM to Xero or vice versa. Modules like contact, account, product, purchase order, and invoice are the information that both your extensions need for sales and marketing purposes.

If there is no via between them, it will lead you to manually enter them into both systems resulting in a waste of considerable time. Nevertheless, it will put the same data entry twice, leading to a data duplication in both systems. It makes it hard for the sales team to work on the same invoice with two different numbers.

To save your precious time and maximise the workload efficiency, use the extension called Zoho CRM to Xero, powered by SaasPlugin, to automatically merge both extensions to sync and reconcile those modules anytime from CRM to Xero or Xero to CRM. It keeps the accounting information transparent and prevents your accounting modules from duplicating using the intelligent validation system.

What Exclusive Features Can You Get From this Zoho CRM Extension?

  • Sync your contact, product, purchase order, invoice, etc. in both Zoho CRM and Xero simultaneously
  • Options to sync manually and auto; auto allows you to sync based on the default settings, whereas the manual one will enable you to customise your preference
  • You can sync either Zoho CRM to Xero or Vice Versa or in both ways at the same time

  • Choose the interval of how many times the auto sync will run in a day to keep you updated
  • Instant syncing to Xero from CRM using a widget called Sync to Xero on the CRM platform with just a click

  • Auto-number fields option within the extension allows you to create a unique invoice number for each invoice, averting the duplication

  • Options to sync the records after the last modified or the records that had been modified after specific days using the time-wise synchronisation

  • Upon creating the invoice in Xero, our Xero for Zoho CRM extension allows you to have both Xero’s unique invoice number appearing alongside the CRM’s unique invoice number in the Zoho CRM to prevent confusion.

How to integrate CRM to Xero

How to Integrate?

SaasPlugin believes in comforting the users when it comes to availing of their extensions. The setting of this extension can look a bit lengthy, and that’s why we have formulated the integration process step-by-step to save your precious time. Check out our integration process with even a more friendly approach with better visual screenshots.

See it in Action

To get the live example of how to set up Xero for zoho crm, watch our video on Zoho CRM to Xero integration, voiced and presented by our in-house team.






Prevent all the duplication issues while syncing your account-related information bilaterally with the smart validation system using Xero for Zoho CRM extension.

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