Address Checker for Zoho CRM using Google Maps

With this Extension, Auto Filling the Address of Each Client Has Never Been Much Easier

Pledge the most top-notch customer service with complete access to clients’ addresses from Zoho CRM. The API will auto-populate all the fields for the addresses using Google Maps, saving a tremendous amount of time and effort.

Zoho CRM 2 Google Maps

What is Google Maps Integration for Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM also holds a more extensive database by saving, storing, and documenting all the essential contact-related information, necessary to maintain the salesmanship between you and your clients. What matters is the – inability to automatically add or enter the clients’ addresses. The process of adding the address still requires manual entry, which leads to more human error and inaccuracy.

How about getting an extension for Zoho CRM that aids the Zoho CRM Google Maps integration? With the help of our advanced plugin called address checker for Zoho CRM using Google Map actually uses Google Maps address finder to leverage the clever API to make the right suggestion of the address based on any hint you type on the Zoho CRM. Even if your typed address is a bit away from the accurate one or has a spelling issue, it will bring the correct address out of nowhere. In fact, when you type half of the digits of the postcode, it will automatically populate the address of the clients, sparing you manually entering them one-by-one.

This automation, in turn, helps you save a lot of time and effort.

What Features are Inclusive?

  • This extension for Zoho CRM can be used from contacts, leads and accounts modules of Zoho CRM
  • You can update your company profile in the settings so that the duration and distance between you and the clients can be detected (for driving mode)
  • Dynamically add multiple office locations of yours

  • Complete the address information of the clients based on the hint or suggestion you type
  • It saves you from manually entering the data, leading to no human error

  • Dynamic field mapping allows you to decide which address-related options of Google Map should sync into leads, contacts and accounts modules, including custom fields (texts and numerals)

How to Integrate

The API developed and designed to bring the address into your system with a few keystrokes is undoubtedly an ingenious idea. You just type a little information about the address; the rest will be populated accordingly. This seamlessly improves your data entry at a much faster rate and that too with 100% accuracy. Don’t forget to check how to integrate this clever yet magnificent plugin with Zoho CRM.

See It in Action

Our short yet descriptive video will guide you step-by-step from installation to the application of this extension.






Want to get relieved from pain caused by too much typing of hundreds of clients’ addresses in Zoho CRM? Let the address checker for Zoho CRM complete that for you!

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